Wake-up call


When I was a kid, knowing the difference between right and wrong was pretty simple. It’s wrong to lie to my parents and hit my younger sister. And it’s right to obey my parents all the time and follow their commands.

Now that I am not a kid anymore, it’s hard to differentiate what’s right and wrong. When did life get so complicated?

As we get older, we’re going to find that there are a lot of gray areas in our life. There are things that are not clearly black or white. There will always be a battle between right and wrong. Life is pretty hard. We cannot run away from this fact. The people we love will leave. Sometimes our dreams end up in disappointment. And the world seems to be falling apart.

I believe one of the reasons why God allows us to experience tough things in our lives is because it will serve as a wake-up call for us to pay attention to what is more important and for us to be ready for our future. The battles we’re facing today will serve as our training ground so that when we face our future we already know how to handle and face it.

Not only that, the struggles in our lives will open the eyes of people around us. When we’re facing tough times, take a look at people around us. Most of the time, we can find someone who is in a much worse situation than us. So let’s be thankful for our situation doesn’t seem so bad.

Always remember, God doesn’t put us through hard times for His enjoyment. This hard stuff in life is for something important. So pay attention and never ever give up. Don’t waste your time and opportunity to be a part of something great!


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