What I’ve learned from Sea Turtles

  • Be fearless

I was watching videos about the life of a turtle and realized that these little creatures are absolutely fearless and amazing. They go from land to the depths of the ocean without any doubt or hesitation. They don’t care how big the waves they encounter or how should they defend themselves from predators. They just go for it. Sometimes, just like these little turtles, we just have to swim with all our might and let the future worry on its own.

  • Always trust your instincts

Turtles know exactly where they want to go. They know what’s best for them. They don’t need directions. Turtles follow their instincts even though they don’t know what awaits them on their long journey. They just follow where the current of the waves are leading them. When was the last time you followed your instinct and never regret it?

  • Slow Down

We all know that turtles are pretty slow, and we hate it when someone is being slow, right? I have read a phrase that says “slow and steady wins the race”. Watching turtles swim and move smoothly reminds me to slow down and take things in. There’s no need to rush. Life is pretty amazing. Take a look around.

  • Don’t fight the wave, roll with it

No matter how big the waves are turtles still gracefully swim into it. Don’t fight the wave. Just stay steady and let it flow over you. Whatever waves you are facing, be strong enough to go out the other side

  • Always take a breath

Even they are busy swimming, eating, and playing, turtles always take time to pop up above the surface and breathe some air. If you’re busy with lots of things, do yourself a favor and come up for air.

  • Evolve. But not too much

Turtles live in this world for over 100 years. They evolve to match their environment. As human beings, we too should adapt to changes. But we shouldn’t change completely. Evolve when you need to, but always stay true to yourself.

“The Journey of a thousand miles begin s with a single step”

Follow the turtle way! Happy reading!


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