Take heart

**photo not mine

They say that worry and kitchen blender have a lot in common. With one push of a button the contents of a blender are twisted and swirled until they become a frothy, churned mixture. In our lives, worry chews and wears away at us until our lives become a churned jumble. But God doesn’t want us to live “blender-ized” lives of worry.

Everyone worries; some people worry excessively. We worry about our finances, family problems and  even simple things like foods to eat, clothes to wear and things that haven’t even happened yet. We worry about what others think of us. But remember that you cannot solve your problem by just worrying all day.

Worry has a lot to do with our perspective. Imagine yourself in a forest, lost and couldn’t find your way out. All you could see are enormous trees. But if you climb up to the top you’ll see that you’re almost out of the woods. When you’re facing a situation and you don’t know which way to take, always remember that God can see us. All we have to do is turn onto Him for He will never leave and fail us.

Take heart! God loves you 💕


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