Walking away but not letting go


I am sorry for walking away
I have my whys and wherefores
I have my reasons.
Reasons that you may not clearly understand
Because even I, myself, don’t understand it either

Maybe it is better this way
Time heals everything
Just know that I am not giving up.
I am coming back.

Maybe not for now
But soon.

I just need time. And maybe you.
Time to think.
Time to find ourselves.
Time to rediscover ourselves.

And when I came back
I wish everything will still be the same as what we are before.


11 thoughts on “Walking away but not letting go

  1. Hopefully the person from whom you are walking away knows this and understands this. Because an untold walk away, enough if it has to return, can break someone.

    Other than that I think every thing else is superbly said. Time heals a lot of things and sometimes a break is all that is needed for getting back together even stronger. Cheers.

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  2. “An untold walk away, even if it has no return, can break someone”.

    So true. Some have no understanding or skill to do anything but walk away with nothing told. They have no desire to face it, speak it, or understand it. They do not know their inner selves, or even know love, or care to at such a level, for that will awaken deeper, unrevealed secrets within. They only know to walk away, as if it was nothing, it is all they know or care to know.

    Related to this post very much!

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  3. I believe that someone who walks away without even a mention they are leaving, never to return, that no matter if it breaks someone, it will be for the very best! And time will heal wounds.


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