Follow the White Rabbit


This phrase has been my daily mantra. Follow the White Rabbit originally comes from the adventure of Alice in Wonderland wherein she sees a white rabbit and decided to follow him.

Follow the White Rabbit means to follow an idea or a concept which may lead you to a strange place in short follow whatever inspires you.

It doesn’t matter whether you stumble or not in your journey. The important is you tried and you follow your heart desire.

Let go of yourself and experience great things out there



5 thoughts on “Follow the White Rabbit

  1. Great to hear you like it Claudine. Grace Slick is the singer and her group was Jefferson Airplane. I am biased as Iwas a teenager in the 1960’s and grew up with the music of the 60’s (we are the rock and roll generation) and I think they were fantastic

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  2. You have it all today on iTunes or other downloads or if you want the real music, (MP3 is not pure) you can buy all this stuff on Amazon new or second hand.


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