Being successful is being contented


During our seminar in Uni yesterday, we were asked “Where do you see yourself 3yrs from now?”. I’m turning 21 next month so that means I’ll be 24 by that time. I’ve asked my self this question for quite some time now for I am finally graduating this year. And the answer will always be… to be successful. And what does being successful mean? Is it achieving big things? Or just being great in small things? I think I’ll choose the latter. I just wanna be myself and do the things I love and inspires me. I just wanna get a job and travel. I just wanna inspire people. I just wanna be contented. And I guess when I am already contented that’s when I can finally say that I am successful.


7 thoughts on “Being successful is being contented

  1. Being successful is achieving the goals you set for yourself each day.
    Making a great coffee…taking good shots…resolving some outstanding issue…or just smiling and making someone else happy.
    The secret is setting your own goals…the ones that challenge you alone… and not letting others set them for you.
    At the end of each day you can look back at how far youve come and how much youve done and sleep contentedly…

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