How do you live your life thoughtfully?

current fav mag: Thoughtfully

Going to booksale is my hobby. Whenever I am free or bored I usually go there and just look for some good books and magazines to read. I love how all the books are piled up there and the smell of it is, I swear, like a drug to me Lol do you feel it that way too?

Then this one magazine caught my attention, 

It says “Thoughtfully; the way life should be lived”. As soon as I saw the tagline I immediately bought it went straight home and read it. I seriously love every page of it! It’s so heartwarming and really encouraging to live life thoughtfully. I’d like to share with you one of my fav quote i read there

“I live thoughtfully by trying to see the context of everything – from big life choices to the small daily decisions that make up so much of who we are. Because whether we know it or not, all of our actions, both large and small, have an incredible impact on both ourselves and those around us. I try to live with a sense of harmony by actively listening to both myself and the world around me, and finding a balance in between”. – Tielyn Jacobson (Stylist, On-Air Host and Blogger)

I hope we all can live thoughtfully like her. Always think first before you act because we obviously cannot take back what we already said and done. Remember, one single mistake can affect not only us but also to the people who surrounds us. 🙂


8 thoughts on “How do you live your life thoughtfully?

  1. I love book fairs too! One is just a ten minute walk from my house so I go there very often and they also have some cats there who sit on the book tables! It is magic! and I always find some nice second hand treasure!

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