Have you ever had those moments wherein you see a certain quote or poem and suddenly you have all these feelings you can’t contain? Because I have. It was almost dawn. I was reading Lang Leav’s Lullabies book. Then I stumble to this poem titled Acceptance

There are things I miss that I shouldn’t, and those I don’t that I should. Sometimes we want what we couldn’t – sometimes we love who we could.- Lang Leav

Isn’t it funny how we miss the things we shouldn’t but don’t to those who we should? And want the things we couldn’t and love who we could? Life is indeed crazy. Crazy that sometimes we go insane figuring things out. Who cares if we miss someone that we shouldn’t? Who cares if we love someone that we shouldn’t? Let it go. Let it flow. We weren’t meant to figure things out. We were meant to accept. Accept that this universe allowed this to happen simply because it must happen. Accept that everything happens for a reason may it be good or bad. Because to some of us acceptance is the only way. This is what life is all about afterall. And we can’t control it. If you learn to accept it by yourself, people around you will soon accept it too. Remember acceptance starts from within.


14 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. I like the poem. But some things in life should be resisted. Sometimes we have to fight, and if it doesn’t work out after the resisting and the fighting (I don’t mean literal fighting), then accept the outcome. Acceptance is good.

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  2. Lovely–How timely for me to read this, as I have just read a passage by Kosho Uchiyama that the zen approach would be to first allow these thoughts to emerge, but then just as importantly, to let them go. Letting go of whatever arises in our head is not trying to forge a link, and fosters an understanding of the present reality of life, a step towards decreasing our suffering from “connections”. This is another twist on acceptance. Thank you as always for illuminating posts.

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  3. I think acceptance is so important too, especially coupled with not creating expectations on people, places etc. I’m trying practice seeing things as they really are and accepting things, and then from their try to improve my life and the world around me, but of course sometimes easier to say than do, especially with feelings and moods etc. Nice post

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