Being successful is being contented


During our seminar in Uni yesterday, we were asked “Where do you see yourself 3yrs from now?”. I’m turning 21 next month so that means I’ll be 24 by that time. I’ve asked my self this question for quite some time now for I am finally graduating this year. And the answer will always be… to be successful. And what does being successful mean? Is it achieving big things? Or just being great in small things? I think I’ll choose the latter. I just wanna be myself and do the things I love and inspires me. I just wanna get a job and travel. I just wanna inspire people. I just wanna be contented. And I guess when I am already contented that’s when I can finally say that I am successful.


Half open door


You left the door half open
I took it as a sign the you want me in
But you were nowhere to be found
When I got in

– Claudine (theamantdefleur) xx



It was nearly midnight
Drizzling and chilly
She was in the midst of finding herself
Searching for her place in this drastic world
Right then, a bright light gleams above
She looked up….
And smiled
Finally the answer she’s been waiting for

– Claudine (theamantdefleur) xx

What makes life interesting and memorable?


I keep on wondering and asking, what makes life memorable and wonderful?

Is it the compliment we receive everyday?

Is it the love we get from our special someone?

Is it because of the expensive bags, high-end shoes and priceless jewelries we owned?

Is it because of the cute guy who waved and smiled at you earlier?

Or is it because of the amazing places you’ve been to?

Life is not all about rainbows and butterflies

For me… the pain, the sufferings, the challenges and the obstacles that we conquer in our daily lives is what makes life more memorable and wonderful.

Because of it, we learned to strive and survive. And when I look back to it. Life is truly tough and hard but it is indeed amazing.

So never stop believing because miracles happen everyday.


You put flowers on my head.
Roses to be precise.
“You’re my angel” he whispered quietly.
I looked in the mirror.
I blushed.

But, it’s not like that anymore.
As I now look in the mirror.
I can see myself bleeding.
There are no flowers.

All I can see is… thorns.